Reply To: Accepted? Or Tolerated?

Eugene Sekiguchi


about 11:00 am pdt

Hi Dan,

I’m going to think about it all.

In the meantime, I like the glove idea.  The experience can be written about.  Let’s make the “glove time” longer.  I think that reflecting on it will produce some good or great ideas.  We can make it home work from
one of our group meetings.

I think that the “glove” experiment is worth doing because it shows how the deficit manifests for each of us.

Second idea:  The education piece must be started as soon as possible (we can only teach based on present knowledge but that’s okay).  I think that normal aging, prevention of brain injuies and strokes, and first aid
for the aforementioned should be taught in all the schools at every level.  Where do we start?

I love philosophy and some must be done, but I also think I’m a do’er.