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Avashna Moodley

I had to give this much thought .

Many survivors would agree, that acceptance is the main challenge but there were several challenging episodes ….
My son witnessing my first seizure . As a mother , you are the protector your kids and I wanted so badly to turn back time so he can unseen my seizure. He was just 13 years old . My husband refused to seek professional counselling for him or I. This was the last expense that one wants to incur . Your physio, OT, Speech therapist takes precedence over counselling .
And I could not articulate my thoughts in a coherent manner . So my most challenging episode was the loss of my voice , my power house . And this carried for a while . This frustrated me and my frustration transferred to my family unit .

After 18 months , I found the courage to fight my case and , as a family , we visited a psychologist.
Unfortunately , there were no support options in my province .

Avashna Moodley