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    Lillian Muller

    Yes, I know its Gqeberha but with aphasia, its difficult. Yesterday was my 12th strokeversary – 29/08/2009šŸ„³ I miss my stroke group Hope. Every Wednesday morning we used to meet for brunch but we called off beginning of last year because of covid-19šŸ˜· One day…Be safešŸ˜˜

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    • Dan Buzzbee

      Lilian, welcome to the party.

      You do not need any advanced technical skills to use any Strokefocus system.

      Do what you are doing. Share your story!

    • Strokefocus Admin

      Lilian, tell us more about your group. We heard many great things from George.

      • Lillian Muller

        Yes, George is president of the SSF. He was a blessing in disguise! I’m not sure how this thing work because I’ve got zero with my computer techniques and I have only my left hand!!! Gosh, I was lucky the Netcare Greenacres hospital phone me to participate World Stroke Day and thought why not hey? I was so surprised that the other tables were there; Heart&Stroke Foundation (I know Perch and she has joined me about 3 times by the hospitals), Netcare Group, Aurora Rehabilitation hospital. Wow! This was the first time and Angel’s issued a book out, Life after Stroke. They even had SSF as useful information pg. 171. I met Skura for the first time 11/11/21 with Pieter. What a surprise! We decided to get together on next Wednesday for brunch. So we will hold thumbsšŸ¤ž Thank you for developing this topic, I am a bit slow with my memory. Love Lillian xxx

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