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    I am 2.6 years post stroke and no day is the same.there are many challenges and situations that arise, so i would like to explore all situations here.

    Survivors, what do you think?
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    • Compton Cam

      If I understand your question CV correctly, you are asking about fears and challenges after stroke.  All I can say is each stroke is different and each of us can react differently.  It’s our reaction and emotion that holds us captive.  There are so many scenarios and challenges.  What challenges one may not be a challenge to another.  
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      To me the biggest challenges to overcome include the fear of becoming irrelevant and the guilt that my stroke impacted the family. I could no longer work in my old capacity to grow my career. I could not drive out to my friends’ party. I could not take my kids to games. My younger daughter was only 7 when I suffered the stroke. Both of my girls were totally terrified.

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