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    One of our members from South Africa submitted the following:


    Im a stroke patient and i can no longer work because of my condition how do i get financial help because i have three children and the only person working now is my husband and i can see he is getting stressed out because he cant provide enough


    Survivors, what do you think?

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    • Daniel Gu

      Anyone has more suggestions?

    • Daniel Gu

      This is a reply from one of our members:


      “Hi Daniel He can apply for a disability grant in SA. I’ve been in contact with the department that deals with disability and they have temporary suspended this application due to being inundated with Covid 19 applications .His other option will be to apply for R350 unemployment grant which was implemented due to the Covid 19.There is no other way to access these funds, other than going to the relevant offices by himself . This also means risking his chances of infection. I wish I could shed some positive light on this subject . “

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