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    I just had a very good meeting with Alison Shapiro. This is what she offers.

    Alison’s offer

    • Alison and her teaching partner Rita Martin would like to conduct online Zoom based sessions working with the Strokefocus community, which includes everyone who has just signed up with various Post Discharge Stroke Support (PDSS) programs around the world.
    • Alison could do it once every month or when she could, once every 2 weeks.
    • These sessions will not be recorded. And there will be a limit to 20 participants in each session.
    • To make it possible for our friends in South Africa to participate, Alison can schedule the sessions in the morning time of EST which is night time for South Africa.
    • She will provide guidelines on how you can maximize the gain for each session.

    Background of Alison’s mindfulness based stroke program

    • Alison Shapiro is a stroke survivor who miraculously healed herself with her mindfulness skills. She has been building her experience into a unique stroke healing program which is now being adopted by Kaiser Permanente.
    • Harvard Medical School and University of Southern California Medical School both worked with Alison on mindfulness. Alison brought to the table real life experience to heal stroke with mindfulness.
    • Rita Martin is the most important teaching partner of Alison’s stroke healing program. She did many unique customizations for example, Rita tweaked Alison’s program to fit specifically to survivors with severe aphasia to help them recover. Rita has regained part of lost function of her affected hand 25 years after stroke.

    What do you need to do?

    • There will be no charge.
    • We will publish notices here and in the event section once the dates are set.
    • Teams involved in PDSS will see the event listed on their site which they can send to their subscribers with newsletters.
    • When these sessions are published, register early (we will provide details on how to register).
    • Come to the Mindfulness forum to share your experience, questions and suggestions. Right now, to join discussion on any of the Strokefocus forums, you don’t even need to log in to Strokefocus. You can just respond with your email.
    • Share the discussions on social media.
    • If you find it helpful, recommend it to stroke survivors you know who might benefit from it.


    Alison Shapiro

    Rita Martin

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      Sign me up please, as long as it’s not between 10 and 2!

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