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    George Scola

    Dear membersI am a qualified and experienced Speech therapist in Johannesburg. South Africa.I work with stroke patients in Acute care (ICU)  and in rehab settings too.I also see patients in my office. I am also dysphagia trained so assist with swallowing problems too. Kindly add me to your database. 
    My email is speechtherapy23@gmail.com
    Phone number: 0797579713

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    • Tshidi Modiragale

      I feel like my vocal cords are not clear there is bit of distraction in voice. what exercise can i do ?

    • Joyce Hoffman

      Practice, practice, practice!

    • Tshidi Modiragale

      good evening may you please share strategies that we can use to practice our speech and all other techniques. thank you ymgstn@gmail.com

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