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    • Daniel Gu

      We had a great meeting for our online Friday group. Great job, Clem!

      The topic for this week is: What has been the most helpful to you in your path of recovery?

      We went around and shared our life stories before and after stroke. It was very touching.

      Let our conversation continue!

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    • eugene sekiguchi

      On Apr 5, 2019, at 2:05 PM, Strokefocus <forum@wohaula.net> wrote:


      about 8:20 pm pdt
      HI Jing,
      Thanks for what you did today!
      What has been most helpful today is that time is an ally. Practice and reps are essential to recovery. But this is this may not be optimal, only the consequences of the present system. Right now the group sessions give some of the answers so be a part of many groups and personally evaluate the answers. This is a very unscientific way to evaluate the answers and varies greatly.
      It is not well known or truly understood but all of the studies and science is for the patient but the patient is not typically part of the team for any of the decisions that are made. I hope to change that because the patient is not usually consulted.

      • Clem suder

        I had a wonderful meeting and I enjoy seeing everyone every week this was a really enlightening to me to be able to see how everybody is doing now and in comparison to what they used to do it is uplifting to know that even though we all have problems that we deal with regularly we are overcoming together all of the hardships that we face we can help other people if if they want to be helped I hope that I can find a way to help people understand that all of the philosophies most of the religions all center around a central theme and that theme has to do with what people value and the way they establish value our feelings for each and every individual is how we establish what we value it’s not something that somebody else can tell us it’s not something that somebody else can give us it is up to us to decide what we will do and how you feel about it it is this gift and allows us to join together and by sharing our victories raise up people who want to be raised I appreciate the stories and the people in this group and I look forward to the day when we can share with many more I am constantly moved By the victories that we achieve and I look forward to being able to share with so many more and hope that I can find a way to help them their survivors the families and the caregivers a way to look at things so that they will understand that this could be a gift and it is going to be what you make of it so be kind to each other and to yourself thank you

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