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17 Jul, 2021

Global Warming for Dummies (There Really Is a Book Called That) and the Subsequent Stroke

  If you haven't been under the proverbial rock, you have some idea of what global warming is. First, some background dummied down for  the population--of…

14 Jun, 2021

The Threefold Approach to Recovery

If we know anything about stroke recovery, it’s that every persons’ experience is different. Recovery is unique and requires problem-solving for the specific things you’re…

04 Jun, 2021

Wake up to Insomnia: A Guide to Stop Sleep Disorders

by Lina Hamid and Christopher M. Cirino, DO MPH, Editor Having trouble getting to sleep? You are not alone. In the United States, 50-70 million…

02 Jun, 2021

6 Common Sleep Myths

Sleep disruption is one of those symptoms that often gets pushed aside in stroke recovery. It’s understandable. You’re likely dealing with a lot of changes…

13 May, 2021

BEFAST: How to Recognize a Stroke

A recent article published by the American Heart Association found that almost 30% of adults under 45 don’t know the 5 main symptoms of a…

05 May, 2021

Top 10 Modifiable Stroke Risk Factors

May is Stroke Awareness Month here in the U.S. Up to 80% of strokes are preventable with lifestyle changes: that’s a big number. Understanding the…

13 Dec, 2020

Neuroplasticity: The Best Stroke Recovery Tool

Neuroplasticity is a super science-y word with a pretty simple explanation. Let’s look at another quick Latin lesson. Neuro= “To do with the brain or…

08 Oct, 2020

Emotional Stress

Dear Joyce, From time to time, I become emotional and feel like crying or am impatient after my stroke, which causes a lot of stress.…

23 Sep, 2020

Hey, You're Not Stupid, You're Just Naive: The Really Talented Scammers and Their Victims

I like to browse the Internet to see what's new. I could spend two hours on a slow day just looking around. But then I'm…

05 Sep, 2020

Yikes! Brushing and Flossing Your Teeth Has a Connection to Stroke

  When I started to research oral care--brushing and flossing--for stroke, I found advice all over the world. But first a little background on how…

29 Aug, 2020

The Road to Longevity: Leveraging Homeostasis to Slow Cellular Aging

It is time for my birthday next month. As I inch another year closer to my fiftieth birthday, I contemplate the question that many of…

03 Jul, 2020

A Solution I Never Considered

When I visited Scotland people were wearing t-shirts and shorts when it was 68 degrees F because they thought it was hot.  For the 1st…

02 Jul, 2020

Perspectives in Medicine: Diagnostic Challenges

The last perspectives in medicine was about sudden changes.  This post is on more insidious changes and the diagnostic challenge. There is an interesting challenge…

28 Jun, 2020

Adaptive Gardening After a Stroke

All anti-depressants do not just come in a pill so I am glad I found a way to garden after my stroke.  However, each year…

25 Jun, 2020

Aphasia: 10 Insensitive Reactions to Someone Who Has It

Aphasia is not having a senior moment every once in awhile. Rather, aphasia is the loss of ability to comprehend or express speech caused by…

17 Jun, 2020

One Ingredient “Ice Cream”

What if I told you that you could make gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan ice cream? (credit: the Kitchn, Leela Cyd) The secret ingredient is *drumroll* the humble…

28 Apr, 2020

Pepe Finds His Way E-book

In this book, Pepe says “I think it’s worth a try.”  In this simple sentence lies the bridge toward new behaviors.  Pepe steps out of…

28 Apr, 2020

Eggplant Mini pizzas

What a great way to use eggplant in place of dough for snacks that are healthy AND   tasty! Actually considered a fruit, the eggplant…

16 Apr, 2020

Ways to Move Toward Health and Away from Severe COVID-19 Infection

It is our first month into social distancing measures.  We have had a few months to see and read about how the pandemic affected some…

12 Apr, 2020

5 Top Home Quarantine Tips + Healthy Snacks + FREE Links to Talks & More

About the Author Iris Briand, RDN, LD, Founder of Sol Food Nutrition LLC, is a Licensed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, currently accepting new patients at Sol…

10 Apr, 2020

Eyedrops After Cataract Surgery

People who do not have someone to put drops in their eyes four times a day need help.  Task modification helped me succeed after my…

09 Apr, 2020

Smartphone Use During Quarantine: Ways in which to keep it in Check

As you read this article, potentially on your smartphone, you may wonder if you may be overusing your smartphone during the radical shift in schedule…

02 Apr, 2020

Nurturing the Resilient Spirit: Ways to support Mental Wellness During the COVID-19 Quarantine

Summary:    The COVID-19 Pandemic is an unprecedented event that requires a rift in the societal fabric in order to stop its spread.  This forced isolation,…

01 Apr, 2020

Consumer 101: How to Beat an Unjust Bill from Anywhere, Even If You Had a Brain Injury!

I believe you all had this experience at least once in your lifetime, where you make some purchase and bring it home and the color…

01 Apr, 2020

COVID-19 Resources Page: Hyperlinked Articles and Questions

COVID-19 Hyperlinked Articles with Key Points Below is a summary of Key Points along with their hyperlinks. I have also listed the questions which can…

15 Mar, 2020

So I Was Not Just Paranoid

A National Institutes of Health study found the corona virus can live on cardboard for 24 hours and 2 to 3 days on plastic and…

12 Mar, 2020

Patient Information: Protecting Yourself from Viral Infection (Including COVID-19)

During an uncertain time as we realize the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the local communities, here are a few questions and answers regarding…

23 Feb, 2020

From a Stroke Survivor: I'm Ain't As Good As I'm Gonna Get, But I'm Better Than I Used To Be

I admit it. This refrain was borrowed and comes from Tim Mcgraw's country song, Better Than I Used To Be. I love that song and…

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