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20 Apr, 2020

New Facts on COVID-19: "Don’t Come In Unless You’re Short of Breath" Doesn't Apply Anymore

I had an annoying, dry cough in the beginning of February. Then the cough roared like a hungry beast. No fever. Just the cough, with…

10 Apr, 2020

Eyedrops After Cataract Surgery

People who do not have someone to put drops in their eyes four times a day need help.  Task modification helped me succeed after my…

09 Apr, 2020

Smartphone Use During Quarantine: Ways in which to keep it in Check

As you read this article, potentially on your smartphone, you may wonder if you may be overusing your smartphone during the radical shift in schedule…

08 Mar, 2020

Pandemic COVID-19: Applying Early Lessons Learned

The novelty of the novel COVID-19 outbreak has passed. Sure our imagination that drums up images of viral apocalypse and global chaotic destabilization are simmering.…

07 Mar, 2020

High Cholesterol is a Bad Thing, and Now Low Cholesterol Is Not Much Better

Since I was a little girl and able to understand scary stuff, my mother said that her body "manufactured" too much cholesterol. Never mind the…

03 Mar, 2020

I Am the Queen of Velcro

I buy lots of self-sticking Velcro because is makes me independent and safe.  The 1st time I used Velcro was to stop a tote bag…

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