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17 Jul, 2021

Global Warming for Dummies (There Really Is a Book Called That) and the Subsequent Stroke

  If you haven't been under the proverbial rock, you have some idea of what global warming is. First, some background dummied down for  the population--of…

14 Jun, 2021

The Threefold Approach to Recovery

If we know anything about stroke recovery, it’s that every persons’ experience is different. Recovery is unique and requires problem-solving for the specific things you’re…

04 Jun, 2021

Wake up to Insomnia: A Guide to Stop Sleep Disorders

by Lina Hamid and Christopher M. Cirino, DO MPH, Editor Having trouble getting to sleep? You are not alone. In the United States, 50-70 million…

02 Jun, 2021

6 Common Sleep Myths

Sleep disruption is one of those symptoms that often gets pushed aside in stroke recovery. It’s understandable. You’re likely dealing with a lot of changes…

13 May, 2021

BEFAST: How to Recognize a Stroke

A recent article published by the American Heart Association found that almost 30% of adults under 45 don’t know the 5 main symptoms of a…

05 May, 2021

Top 10 Modifiable Stroke Risk Factors

May is Stroke Awareness Month here in the U.S. Up to 80% of strokes are preventable with lifestyle changes: that’s a big number. Understanding the…

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