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31 Jan, 2021

Don’t Know Why You Had a Stroke? Maybe The Following News Will Help

Don’t Know Why You Had a Stroke? Maybe The Following News Will Help. By Joyce Hoffman I didn't drink in excess, or smoke, or have diabetes,…

22 Nov, 2020

The Basics of Hemorrhagic Strokes

Hemorrhagic strokes are the second most common type of stroke. They account for almost 13% of all strokes, according to the American Stroke Association (ASA).…

31 Oct, 2020

Anger Encompasses This Person

Dear Joyce:   I am 32 had my stroke only a year ago, but I still have an angry mood. I argue with my wife,…

21 Sep, 2020


Ready for your Abilities Virtual Adventure? Global pandemic or not, you still need access to game-changing products, services, education, and fun! Register for free today…

05 Sep, 2020

Taking Care of the Caregiver: The Guilt, The Why, and the How

Originally printed in the STROKE AND TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY (TBI) LIFE MAGAZINE September 2020 Vol. 2 Issue 5 Taking Care of the Caregiver: The Guilt,…

11 Jun, 2020

Adaptive Devices for Cooking and Daily Living

As a stroke survivor, I share your concerns about one-handed ADLs that I read on Stroke Focus.  My blog has 35 posts on devices and…

25 May, 2020

Simple Pleasures for This Simple Stroke Survivor

Looking back over my life, I had very complicated pleasures. For example, when I wanted to convince people in the office to maintain their opposition…

10 Apr, 2020

Eyedrops After Cataract Surgery

People who do not have someone to put drops in their eyes four times a day need help.  Task modification helped me succeed after my…

09 Apr, 2020

Smartphone Use During Quarantine: Ways in which to keep it in Check

As you read this article, potentially on your smartphone, you may wonder if you may be overusing your smartphone during the radical shift in schedule…

09 Mar, 2020

My Stroke Strategies for the Corona Virus

These strategies are related to my daily routine.  They are examples of what stroke survivors can do to protect themselves.  Your risk of catching the…

08 Mar, 2020

Pandemic COVID-19: Applying Early Lessons Learned

The novelty of the novel COVID-19 outbreak has passed. Sure our imagination that drums up images of viral apocalypse and global chaotic destabilization are simmering.…

07 Mar, 2020

High Cholesterol is a Bad Thing, and Now Low Cholesterol Is Not Much Better

Since I was a little girl and able to understand scary stuff, my mother said that her body "manufactured" too much cholesterol. Never mind the…

03 Mar, 2020

I Am the Queen of Velcro

I buy lots of self-sticking Velcro because is makes me independent and safe.  The 1st time I used Velcro was to stop a tote bag…

01 Mar, 2021

BrainSignal At GSU March and April Peer Support Meeting Dates

Our mission at BrainSignal is to foster a support system for people affected by brain injury. We are able to fulfill this by having guest…

18 Feb, 2021

BIAG February Webinar replay presented by Power of Patients

BIAG is proud to partner with Power of Patients to offer interactive webinars on the  3rd Wednesdays of the month at 3 p.m est. The…

03 Feb, 2021

Upcoming BrainSignals meetings

Our mission at BrainSignal is to foster a support system for people affected by brain injury. We are able to fulfill this by having guest…

15 Jan, 2021

Being on Disability Does Not Mean I'm 'Lazy' or 'Lucky

Being on Disability Does Not Mean I'm 'Lazy' or 'Lucky' by Mo Burchill • I have been told the following quotes recently after people finding…

15 Jan, 2021

Virtual Support Groups

As part of our endeavor to support and empower the brain injury survivor community and caregivers, the Brain Injury of Georgia Association will be providing online support during…

19 Nov, 2020

How to Massively Improve Movement After Stroke

Have you ever felt like stroke recovery is stuck in the stone age? Things like pegboards are far outdated — and honestly quite slow and…

31 Oct, 2020

Alcohol and Stroke, or Was My Grandfather Pickled and Other Stuff

New blog post from Joyce Hoffman! If you drink too much alcohol every week, you are setting yourself up for a stroke.

24 Jul, 2020

Happy 30th, ADA!

When Judy Heumann was growing up in the 1950s, the New York City school system barred her from attending school and instead gave her only two and…

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