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    Daniel Gu

    I am meeting Alison Shapiro tomorrow.

    Alison Shapiro is one of the co-founders of the Strokefocus project, and a leader in stroke healing. For those of you who would like to know more about Alison, here is her short intro video:

    Alison has mentored many people on stroke recovery and mindfulness practice. She has built a very successful program with Kaiser Permanente.

    Alison will be very interested in knowing how she could contribute to this online community.

    Mindfulness is not something you can just do an online class. It requires some very personal involvement.

    Strokefocus is exploring with teams participating in the project to best share content generated by wonderful survivors like Alison who developed their unique way of healing from their own experience.

    With regard to mindfulness, what help or support you would like to receive? A quick primer? Sharing her own healing experience? Some online classes?

    Share your thoughts. It will help our discussion with Alison and similar teams.

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    • Joyce Hoffman

      Good thought, Chris. I had been meaning to talk to Daniel soon about speakers for our support group. Those lulls in the conversation seem awkward and the speakers would eliminate the lulls and be educational as well!

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    • Anne Tillinghast

      Chris and Daniel,Kim O’Kelley-Leigh, from Stroke Awareness Oregon out of Bend, offers a Meditation For Recovery zoom meeting twice a month. Would it be at all helpful to coordinate with her? If Allison can offer once per month, Kim’s group could also be offered under NW Brain (or Strokefocus, etc), perhaps as Mindfulness Meetings, or something like that?https://strokeawarenessoregon.org/event/meditation-class-on-zoom-4/Anne

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    • Joyce Hoffman

      I would love to meet Alison and what she brings as Mindfulness. 

    • Daniel Gu
      Chris, thank you so much! Will let her know. I can see a live event will work great for people on this forum.

    • Chris Cirino

      dear Dan,i would be happy to work with her in facilitating a live event on mindfulness after a stroke.I can go through the neuroscience part of it — as I continue to learn and shape something intriguing to those who have had strokes; I can then talk about the second phase mindfulness portion.Alison can talk about her personal experiences and how she uses mindfulness in her practice.   Alison can discuss how art can rehabilitate the brain after a stroke.We can invite Iris to give a  talk on mindfulness in nutrition.Anne can give a talk or maybe a local music therapist can talk about how music can be pivotal in rehab of the brain.That is what I can see right now,Chris

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