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    Fighting stroke and TBI is hard. But we still need a good laugh.

    We are now featuring our weekly “Tuesday Bus Station” meeting, run by a crew of veteran “bus station operators” who are survivors and caregivers with a great sense of humor and unyielding optimism. Did I mention the very funny Clem Suder?

    It is a truly hilarious gathering where after a laugh you will connect with people who share your struggle but ready to cheer you up.

    Join Clem and the crew!

    Every Tuesday at 1 pm Pacific Time! Email help@strokefocus.net if you need details for attending.

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    • George Scola

      I’m a huge believer in being able to find the light side of a stroke. Being able to laugh at myself when my effected hand accidentally slaps me in the face…priceless! Finding humour in difficult situations has always been my way of combatting conflict and stressful situations. I never take things too personally, however I do have boundaries and am respectful of other people’s feelings.

    • Eugene Sekiguchi

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      To all,
      You will be happier after.
      Even if you have a lousy internet connection.

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