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National Stroke Aid (NASAID)

About Us

National Stroke Aid Zambia (NSAID)  is registered under the Registrar of Society of the Republic of Zambia on the 31st day of January 2019. It is also affiliated to the World Stroke Organization and is fully certified.

NSAID exists as a helping hand to the helpless, a platform for all who have a heart for stroke survivors, a center of influence, a custodian of resources for the needy stroke survivors primarily, and a window of hope in relation to the prevention and rehabilitation of stroke.

To promote cardiovascular health and cerebral vascular health through advocacy it is also affiliated to the influencing policy,

Our Aim
National Stroke Aid aims at reducing the non-communicable diseases (NCDS) making entity, organized for community burden in Zambia and ultimately on the entire nation’s health care system service especially the prevention of stroke especially those who are highly at risk of being attacked by stroke, and rehabilitation of stroke survivors.

Our Vision
To promote cardiovascular health and cerebral vascular health through advocacy influencing policy, providing information tools and support which will empower people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and seek appropriate health care early in the manifestation of the disease. And assist in making healthier choices easy.

Our Mission
To reduce the risk of premature deaths as a result of a stroke attack and promoting the adoption of healthful living in daily lifestyle health.

Our Services
1. Education and Sensitizing Services
Stage with us an opportunity to share about stroke awareness and all noncommunicable diseases related to stroke especially. Churches, Schools, Corporate Entity, or any relevant gathering, stressing down to individual levels are our target.

Remember, if you are not a stroke survivor, you are a stroke survivor’s supporter.

2. Health Expositions
This is a full-body health screening program. Making people know their stroke attack risk factors e.g. Blood pressure, Blood Sugar level check- Ups, etc.

3. Stroke Rehabilitation
Home help for the rehabilitation of the survivor. We have the capacity to house in the wellness center.

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